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Pruning and Training your Roses

Secrets of Growing Beautiful Roses

Just about everyone grows a rose bush or two. Congress designated the rose as America’s national floral emblem in 1986. The popularity of growing roses began thousands of years ago and continues today. The rose growing series offered by American Rose Society Consulting Rosarians and experts from the Denver Rose Society will cover how to grow healthy, easy care beautiful roses for years to come. The series covers secrets to successful rose growing, no pain pruning, versatile shrub roses, fragrant roses, and winter care. Choose one class or take them all and come away with confident rose growing skills and greater appreciation for the “Queen of Flowers.”


Pruning and Training your Roses

Pruning increases your rose’s vigor and helps them reach their peak blooming power. Dave Ingram of the Denver Rose Society will share practical, local tips on the When, How, and Why of pruning. We’ll show you how to train, prune and deadhead shrubs, hybrid teas, climbers and other rose types. And - you’ll take home a simple rose care plan to help your roses have a great year!


Instructor: David Ingram, Consulting Rosarian

Price: $31, $26 members

Putting Your Rose Garden to Bed

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

Just about everyone grows a rose bush or two.Congress designated the rose as America s national floral emblem in 1986.The popularity of growing roses began thousands of years ago and continues today.The rose growing series offered by American Rose Society Consulting Rosarians and experts from the Denver Rose Society will cover how to grow healthy, easy care beautiful roses for years to come. The series covers secrets to successful rose growing, no pain pruning, versatile shrub roses, fragrant roses, and winter care. Choose one class or take them all and come away with confident rose growing skills and greater appreciation for the  Queen of Flowers. 

Preparing your roses for winter is the key to growing those fabulous flowers in the spring. Learn why fall and winter care keeps your roses healthy from year to year and how to prepare new rose beds for spring planting. Get tips on early transplanting or rearranging the rose bed. A recommended list of roses that do well along the Front Range and higher altitudes will be included to take home.


Instructor: Peggy Williams, Consulting Rosarian

Price: $32, $27 members

Salve and Hydrosol-Making

Denver is home to a wide variety of edible and healthy plants, both native and introduced. Learn to correctly identify these herbs, as well as how to forage and utilize these plants in your diet for many health benefits. This class walks through parts of Denver Botanic Gardens, Cheeseman Park and the Capitol Hill neighborhood in search of edible and useful weeds, flowers, shrubs and trees. After an informative walk, we return to the classroom and learn some techniques on making an herbal tonic.


Price: $145, public

Instructor: Saturday, Blake Burger and Raven Rose. Sunday, Blake Burger.


Blake Burger s passion for plants began at a young age gardening in Illinois and only grew stronger once he moved to Colorado in 2000 and began hiking in the wilderness areas of Colorado. There, he began to cultivate a great curiosity and appreciation for the diverse flora found along the hiking trails. In 2007, he left his career as a food scientist and worked as a seasonal gardener for Denver Botanic Gardens. After one year, he was hired full time as a horticulturalist. Throughout his years at the Gardens he has worked with tropical plants, native plants, vegetables and herbs. After receiving his Herbalist Certification here in Denver, Blake immediately began working with the vast array of medicinal plants growing in the Gardens. He founded the Denver Medicinal Plant Society in 2015, created and maintains several medicinal plant beds at the Gardens  York Street location, and has laid the foundation for the Gardens  first Herbalist Certificate Program. As a certified yoga instructor, Blake has led more than 1,000 yoga classes over six years and created a nationally recognized yoga program here at the Gardens. Blake believes in a multifaceted approach to health and wellness: eat well, move your body, never stop learning, get outside and connect.


Raven is a menstrual health herbalist who intertwines Western herbalism with traditional healing practices. At her practice, Moon Medicine, she addresses menstrual and hormonal issues, from fibroids to hot flashes. Raven has studied herbalism, nutrition and spiritual healing in the United States, Mexico and Peru. Her teachings are focused on natural healing through the integration of herbalism with emotional and spiritual healing. Catch her in a class on herbs for hormonal balance or connecting with plant spirits.


Seven Principles of Water-Smart Gardening

Rocky Mountain Gardening Required Course Group I

Gardening remains high and dry in the Rocky Mountain region! Water-Smart Gardening is an environmentally friendly way to create a beautiful home landscape that will thrive under low water conditions. Join this class to learn the principles of Water-Smart Gardening and some of the many plants that you can incorporate into your yard.


Instructor: David Winger

Price: $62, $55 members

The Tropical Nature of Terrariums

Discover a unique way to grow tropical plants. Nicholas Giaquinto, conservatory horticulturist, discusses how to brighten the home with tropical plants on a tour through the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory. Participants then design and plant a terrarium to take home.


Price: $69, $64 member, includes all material

Nicholas Giaquinto graduated from SUNY Farmingdale with a degree in ornamental horticulture. With a strong interest in public horticulture, he completed internships at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, Hidcote Manor Gardens in England and Kiseki no Hoshi in Japan. He joined Denver Botanic Gardens in 2015.




Tour - Wildflower Wednesday at York Street


Sometimes we need a quiet stroll among the wildflowers—without hours of driving and hiking! Denver Botanic Gardens has hundreds of native wildflowers right here onsite to enjoy. The recent release of the Gardens’ book “Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains,” authored by the experts of our own Horticulture Department, has renewed interest in knowing and growing our best native plants. On the third Wednesday of every month (April – October) wander with one of these authors through our acres of naturalistic gardens to see which wildflowers are at their peak. Since many bloom at Denver’s elevation before they bloom in the mountains, seeing them here first can help you learn what to look for, where and when.


Price: $20, $16 member

Tour - Xeric Paradises


Everyone talks xeriscape, but this tour features those who live and breathe it! Visit three to four premier gardens that have pioneered many of the plants and concepts shaping Colorado water-smart gardening. Each of these gardens emphasizes native plants, but with a unique take on native gardens and how to incorporate them into the urban cityscape.


Jim and Dorothy Borland: This ample garden on a corner lot contains hundreds of native plants, almost all grown from seed by Jim, which weave a tapestry of color through the garden year. The hidden gardens in the equally large back yard receive more water and cover the gamut of perennials, herbs and vegetables. There s even a robust pawpaw! The Borland's have a botanic garden fit to a city lot.


Kelly Grummons: For three decades, Kelly has been a cutting-edge nursery owner and plantsman. His private garden showcases his extraordinary artistic eye and displays perfect specimens of the many gems he s introduced to the trade. Don t miss the 500-year-old Ponderosa Pine bonsai, which was willed to Kelly.


The Gardens at Kendrick Lake: These gardens revolutionized regional expectations of xeriscape demonstration gardens. Here you will not only find the best in xeric and Plant Select® specimens, but also hundreds of superb specimens that are approaching their second decade of mature growth. Staff from Denver Botanic Gardens and Lakewood Parks will be on hand during the tour to answer questions.


Price: $26, $22 member

Special Instructions: Tour participants drive themselves, price is per carload of participants. Travel Details will be emailed out 48 hours prior to the event.


Tour and Talk - Mary and Larry Scripter's Wildlife-Friendly Niwot Garden


Tour one of the Front Range s most unique gardens, planted and tended by owners Mary and Larry Scripter and designed by Lauren Springer. This large, naturalistic, four-season garden features a flower-rich stylized meadow and a tree and shrub screening planted with bird-, pollinator- and other wildlife-friendly water-wise plants. The Scripter garden has been featured in Martha Stewart Living and Sunset magazines and photographed by nationally prominent photographers. It is also a designated Audubon Habitat Hero garden. Planting and management of this stunning garden, created by Mary and Lauren over seven years ago, will be discussed in Lauren's talk on site. All participants will leave with a plant list of their "star players".


Price $41, 38 member


Lauren Springer has designed plantings at Denver Botanic Gardens, Chatfield Farms, and the Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins where she is on staff. Her books include the award-winning titles The Undaunted Garden, and Plant-Driven Design (coauthored with husband Scott Ogden). Also a propagator, she has introduced numerous plants to the trade and to Plant Select. A pioneer in waterwise landscapes, in creating gardens that evoke natural spaces, and in merging beauty with wildlife function, she has received Audubon Society Habitat Hero designations for four of her design projects.


Event Details

Address will be sent via email one week prior to event

Carpooling strongly encouraged

No bathroom facilites available on site

Feel free to bring lawn chairs for seating during the talk



Troubleshooting in the Vegetable Garden: If A Tomato Could Talk

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

If your vegetables could talk, they would tell you exactly how to care for them properly to prevent disease or insect invasion. The next best thing is for you to participate in this class and learn what insects and diseases attack your vegetable gardens and containers and what you can do about it.

Learn about organic and inorganic management strategies, how they work and how to correctly apply them. This class stresses integrated pest management, a concept that uses the least invasive methods of pest control first to keep food safe and delicious.


Instructor: Patti O'Neal

Price: $31, $26 members

Vegetable Gardening on the High Plains: Heirloom and Beyond

*all sessions are individual registrations, students can take the full series or individual classes based on your interest

$34, $29 member for each session

Session 1: Saturday April 6- Learn how to start your veggie garden entirely from seeds! This class covers seed-starting basics and home propagation techniques. Learn how to maximize garden space at home through efficient garden planning and how many of each variety to start based on your needs as well as the best ways to organize vegetable beds.

Session 2: Saturday June 8 – Learn the best way to plant your veggie garden and the basics of garden maintenance, including soils and fertilization, watering and pest management. Learn about crop selection and vegetable varieties that are well suited to the climate of Colorado’s front-range. Get your hands dirty practicing the basics of planting and garden soil prep in the garden.

Session 3: Saturday August 3 – Get the basics of harvesting from your veggie garden. Proper harvest techniques and ongoing plant maintenance (including trellising, pruning, etc.) are covered. Look ahead at how to extend the growing season and transition a vegetable garden into the autumn with hardy leafy greens and other fall crops.


Instructor: Michael Guidi

Michael is a horticulturist at Denver Botanic Gardens and oversees Mordecai Children’s Garden, a diverse garden showcasing Colorado life zones ranging from the plains to the alpine tundra; it also contains a demonstration vegetable garden. Rock gardening and native plants are his main area of interest, but he is passionate about growing food and urban agriculture. In the past, he has worked in hydroponic food production, greenhouse production and organic farming. Michael holds a B.S. in biology with a focus on plant physiology and ecology. He currently sits on the board of directors of the North American Rock Garden Society.


Location: Plains Conservation Center, 21901 E. Hampden Avenue, Aurora, CO 80013


Vines and Groundcovers





Water Wise Landscape Planning for Non-Designers

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

This class will show you how to begin planning a landscape better suited to a dry climate AND your needs. While low water use plants are great, they’re only as good as how you use them in the garden. This class explains how to think through your landscape before you plant to insure success and a put-together look. It will help if you want to plant a landscape yourself or before hiring a designer/contractor to do the work for you. Take home materials give you a way to follow-through with the beginning thoughts you have in class and make your plan.


Instructor: Carl Wilson

Price: $50, $46 members, includes $5 for materials

Image: Courtesy of Winger Photography

What Made My Good Plant Go Bad?

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

Did the glorious beauty promised by the garden catalog, nursery salesperson or garden designer fall flat? You may be surprised that insects and diseases are NOT the main cause of problems in the garden. Gardeners have more control than they may think over many plant problems. As much as we do not like to think it, humans cause most of the issues in the garden; many of which result in an insect or disease problem as a secondary issue   NOT the first.  This provides an overview of the most common plant challenges and what you can do to prevent their annual recurrence. The course focuses on the root causes that eventually attracts pests and disease to your garden and what to do about it.


Price: $44, $39 members

Instructor: Patti O'Neal


Special Instructions: This class is a lecture and hands on lab. You may bring a sample of a plant or turf you want diagnosed to class. Registration confirmation includes info on how to collect a good sample.

Workshop - Create a Foodie Container Garden


If you love to cook (or just eat!), then this workshop is for you. Join Matt Mattus, author of “Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening,” as he demonstrates how to create a customized container garden fit for a foodie. Participants customize their own mini food garden in a container guided by Matt’s expertise and leave with a beautiful and useful container of garden edibles planted with your favorite herbs, veggies and flowers.


Price: $37, $34 member




Matt Mattus is an American plantsman , author and plant collector. While most know Matt as the author of the award-winning gardening blog Growing with Plants (which has been featured in the pages of Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens and House Beautiful). Matt is also the past president of the North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) and a member of many plant societies.

His latest book, Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening (2019) examines both common and uncommon vegetables worthy for the home gardener. Rich with cultural tips, and professional advice for all levels of gardeners, the book is also a visual gem with hundreds of photos all taken by Matt.

Matt lives in Worcester, Massachusetts with his partner Joseph Philip, three Irish Terriers, rare poultry, fancy canaries and homing pigeons.


Workshop - Ethnobotanical Gems of Maya Wisdom from the Yucatan

In this hands-on workshop, learn some of the most important skills used by traditional Maya healers to bring about change and balance. We focus on limpia, medicinal plant  bundles  used in prayers for performing a cleansing, and talk about traditional belief systems as they relate to the healing properties of plants. José demonstrates and explains the ancient art of an egg limpia and how it can be used as a home remedy for those suffering from the effects of modern-day stress.


Price: $42, $37 member

Instructors: José Feliciano Ake Kinil and Shelley Torgove (as facilitator and translator)

José Feliciano Ake Kinil started collecting medicinal plants in the jungle with his grandfather and mother when he was eight years old, preparing traditional remedies and assisting them in their healing work. His first language is Maya and his second language is Spanish.


Shelley Torgove (facilitator and translator) has been practicing and teaching both Western herbal medicine and traditional healing practices in Denver for 25 years. She spent 10 years as the only apprentice and close friend of José’s father, Daniel Pool Pech, who passed in 2016. Shelley has been a bridge both between father and son and between cultures. She currently teaches a women’s herbal and ethnobotanical medicine program in Denver through Artemisia & Rue and leads herbal adventures to the Yucatan.


Workshop - Grab & Go Flower Arrangements

Learn tricks of the trade to make those colorful bunches of flowers from the farmers market or local grocer into professional arrangements. Leave with your very own vase arrangement.


Price: $60, $55 member

Instructors: Lisa Weddel and Laura Tonner


Lisa Weddel AIFD PFCI has been in the floral industry for over 30 years.  She has been active in all areas of the industry from designer, teacher to owner of several businesses. Lisa has a floriculture degree, is an Iowa Master florist, as well as being an accredited member of the American Institute of Floral Designers organization where she currently holds the position of President of the South-Central Chapter.  In addition, Lisa has served on the Board of Trustees of the Professional Floral Communicators International as Chairman.This is an organization under the umbrella of the Society of American Florists.

Past floral accomplishments include designing at the prestigious Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA for over 16 parades as a designer as well as a team leader.  She designed on the floral team for President George W. Bush's 2005 Presidential Inauguration and will have the honor to design at the Kentucky Derby this coming May.


Laura Tonner has enjoyed working in the floral industry for 5 years. Her favorite part has been designing for weddings and events, but she has done just about everything. She has experience is retail, deliveries and the day to day operations of a small flower shop. All of this has led to her latest endeavor as the co-owner of Designs Inspired by You, the first of its kind floral experience studio.

Laura has a floral certificate from a local design school, won an academic scholarship from FAR (Floral Association of the Rockies) and has attended the Rose Parade as a designer two years.



Workshop - Home Mushroom Cultivation


This lecture and hands-on demonstration provides an understanding of the basic functional knowledge of a mushroom and its life cycle in the environment. Learn how fungi interact in the forest ecosystem, the categories of mushrooms and the range of suitable species for home cultivation. Each participant will receive a mushroom starter kit.


Price: $90, $85 member

Instructor: Michael Heim

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Michael has led forays for Denver Botanic Gardens, the Center for Integrative Botanical Studies and the Boulder Living Arts School. In 2014 chefs from all over the U.S. joined Michael on a wild mushroom foray sponsored by the Chef's Collaborative Summit. That same year he presented at the annual Bioneers Conference, held at Colorado University, exploring the exciting topic of myco-remediation. He produced and facilitated a two-day medicinal mushroom workshop with revered herbalist Robert Rogers, author of  The Fungal Pharmacy.  In 2015 Michael studied lab technique and mushroom cultivation under Dr. Daniel Tura of Aloha Medicinals. He has taught mushroom cultivation classes for Boulder High Country Mushrooms, Cow Town Grangers, Botanica: A Festival of Plants and The Growhaus in Denver.

Special Instructions:

This workshop location is TBD.

Workshop - Three-Dimensional Thinking in Contemporary Garden Design


Using his new book, “Gardenlust: A Botanical Tour of the World’s Best New Gardens,” Christopher Woods leads students through a discussion into contemporary garden design from around the world. He highlights successes and failures in landscape architecture and emphasizes the importance of architecture as a necessity for thoughtful garden design.


Price: $42, $38 member


Chris Woods was born in London, England but has lived in the United States since 1981. He has worked in the garden world as gardener, director and designer for 45 years. He is best-known for his work at Chanticleer, a ðleasure garden in Wayne, PA, where he worked for 20 years.

After Chanticleer, he became vice president for horticulture at the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden. He was director of the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, Canada, and executive director of the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden. In 2012, he was lured back east by The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and appointed director of its private estate and garden, Meadowbrook Farm. He has been a consultant for Botanic Gardens Conservation International, the Garden Conservancy, and the Chicago Parks Department. He has served on a number of boards, notably the American Public Gardens Association and the Fairmount Park Conservancy. Being somewhat restless and increasingly unemployable, he decided to stop managing gardens and decided to travel the world looking at both constructed and wild landscapes.

He currently lives in California and one or two other places.


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