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Advanced Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom - ONLINE

Have you used Adobe Lightroom for basic photo editing but want to get more out of your images? Learn advanced photo editing using one of the most popular and versatile photography programs on the market today, Adobe Lightroom. Gain an understanding of the different develop submodules with a focus on the tone curve, HSL and split toning submodules.

Open to anyone with a good understanding of using Lightroom for basic photo editing. This is a lecture style class with review of images, discussion and a Q&A session.


This session will be held streamed live online through Vimeo. Details on how to join the class will be emailed the day prior to the program.


Price: $41, $36 member

Instructor: John Bosley is a wedding and portrait photographer in Denver, CO. He is also a writer for PhotographyLife.com, a top-ranked photography blog, and co-creator of an educational video series about photography.


Special Instructions: Students must bring a laptop with a paid version of Adobe Lightroom or Lightroom Classic (Version 6 or higher) installed. The free version (Lightroom CC) will not work for this class. Students can bring their own images, but will also be provided with some images to edit, so they should have an available USB port to download images.

Art of Smartphone Photography - ONLINE

This is the class for anyone who uses their smartphone camera to create photographs. Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned pro, there is more to learn about leveraging this accessible digital technology. You will gain insight into the photography skills necessary to make the most out of your images - from shooting to editing. Next, you will also learn the various platforms to share and print your images, and how to keep all of your precious memories safe. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, join us for a fun-filled class!

This session will be held streamed live online. Details on how to join the class will be emailed the day prior to the program.


Price: $36, $31 member


Instructor: Jeanette Galie Burkle is a commercial and editorial photographer with extensive experience in teaching, lecturing, and consulting. Since 2003, Jeanette has successfully owned and managed Galie Photography, while designing and delivering seminars on a wide range of photography topics. An award winning-photographer, Jeanette combines an engineering background with a strong artistic sense. With the belief that photography is part art and part science, she strives to use her unique background to produce art that is infused with a creative vision and improved by knowledge of the underlying scientific principles of photography. She has worked with many corporate clients including ExxonMobil, George Mason University, American Red Cross, John Marshall Bank, AmeriChoice, Medtronic, Harris Corporation, and Long & Foster Realty. Jeanette’s work has been honored through the Virginia Professional Photographers Association with such recognition as the highly distinguished Fuji Masterpiece Award and the Kodak Gallery Award.

Jeanette has been teaching photography since 2005. Her students respond well to her fun, upbeat classes, and Jeanette loves to see this passion be reflected in her students’ increased confidence as photographers.


Creating a Hobby Greenhouse

Come learn how to take your master outdoor gardening skills to the next level and extend your growing season and increase your green thumb skills. Is the next step in your horticulture experience maintaining a greenhouse? Before building or buying a greenhouse, learn the benefits and the liabilities of owning a greenhouse.

This program covers common questions and ideas surrounding the addition of a season extension structure, such as a greenhouse, to your property. During this session, the location, costs, logistics and practicality of each structure and device will be covered. The course is designed to allow the participant to explore their options with the use of a greenhouse or other season extending structures.


Price: $31, $26 members


Special Instructions: Please bring paper and pen to write down notes. No experience with greenhouses is needed.


Instructor: Thaddeus Gourd attended New Mexico State University where he graduated with a B.S. degree in Pest Management and Horticulture. He earned a Master’s Degree with thesis study in Entomology at New Mexico State University and a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology with emphasis on plant parasitic nematodes at North Carolina State University. Thaddeus has worked over 19 years in the private sector of the plant science business and since 2000, has worked at Colorado State University Extension as an Agriculture Agent and Director for Adams County. He has extensive experience of horticulture, gardening, weed science, entomology, plant pathology and greenhouse management and has been involved in the practice of Integrated Pest Management for over 30 years.

Flavor in Full Bloom - Cooking with Edible Flowers - ONLINE

Join Monica Michelle Manley, the Founder of Sweet Fleur, and learn how to add edible flowers to your culinary creations! Sweet Fleur is the only vegan dessert company where flavor is always in full bloom and each creation is made with the delicious and curative supporting power of flowers. Because Sweet Fleur is on a mission to help educate people on edible flowers and their many benefits, we have decided to create a short course on how you can bring a bit of flower power to your kitchen. Now, you too learn about the different types of edible flowers, their flavor profiles, health benefits, and how to incorporate them into unique and beautiful plant-based dishes that will wow your guests.


Price: $45, $40 member

Instructor: Monica Manley


**Special Notes**

This program will be held entirely online. Details on how to join the class will be emailed the day before the program.

Cost of the program includes a kit with necessary supplies, available for pick-up at Denver Botanic Gardens York Street. Details for the pick-up will be sent to participants at least one week prior to the program.


**Registration will close on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.**


Monica Michelle Manley is a business leader, and the Founder of Sweet Fleur, an upscale vegan floral confectionery located in Denver, Colorado. With a degree in Business and Communications from Johnson and Wales University, Monica Michelle has made it her mission to create a business that combines her love of food and flowers with her passion for conservation and plant-based living. She hopes to bring more value and education around the many health benefits and creative uses of edible flowers, to people across the United States.

Guided Meditation Walk - The Five Taoist Elements - ONLINE

Experience a transformation in mind, body and chi as we meditate on the Five Taoist Elements and their corresponding emotions of fear, anger, grief, compassion and happiness.


**This program will take place ONLINE. Details on how to join the class will be emailed the day of the program.**


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW

How to Plant a Tree: Tree and Shrub Selection and Planting - ONLINE

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

Trees and shrubs are one of the greatest property investments and can greatly increase a home’s value. Trees are also expensive, so learn how to determine what species is best for your yard, where and when to plant it plant and how to care for it. Evergreens, deciduous trees and shrubs have varying preferred planting times and care strategies.

This class also shares tips on what to look for when you go to the nursery, how to dig a proper hole to ensure the best root spread in the appropriate amount of time and when and how to prune. Also learn how to properly care for your tree to avoid transplant shock or winter desiccation injury. This class can make homeowners more confident when choosing or planting trees and shrubs or when supervising contractors.

This session will be streamed live online through Zoom. Details on how to join the class will be emailed the day before the program.


Price: $44, $39 members

Photography Expeditions at Plains Conservation Center


Photography expeditions to the Plains Conservation Center offer opportunities to capture the life and the seasonal characteristics of the prairie in the best light possible. In addition there will be ample time to capture photos of wild and domestic creatures, native plants and historical structures. All photography skill levels are encouraged to attend. The emphasis will be on high dynamic range photography with guidance from David Winger. A tripod is highly recommended along with clothes for protection against possible rain and or cold.



Price: $26, $28 member

Location: Plains Conservation Center, 21901 E. Hampden Avenue, Aurora, CO 80013




Putting Your Rose Garden to Bed

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

Just about everyone grows a rose bush or two.Congress designated the rose as America s national floral emblem in 1986.The popularity of growing roses began thousands of years ago and continues today.The rose growing series offered by American Rose Society Consulting Rosarians and experts from the Denver Rose Society will cover how to grow healthy, easy care beautiful roses for years to come. The series covers secrets to successful rose growing, no pain pruning, versatile shrub roses, fragrant roses, and winter care. Choose one class or take them all and come away with confident rose growing skills and greater appreciation for the  Queen of Flowers. 

Preparing your roses for winter is the key to growing those fabulous flowers in the spring. Learn why fall and winter care keeps your roses healthy from year to year and how to prepare new rose beds for spring planting. Get tips on early transplanting or rearranging the rose bed. A recommended list of roses that do well along the Front Range and higher altitudes will be included to take home.


Instructor: Peggy Williams, Consulting Rosarian

Price: $32, $27 members

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