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Graphite Techniques for Scientific Illustration with Rogerio Lupo

Graphite Techniques for Scientific Illustration with Rogério Lupo

Beautiful artwork is created with value—the degree of light and dark in a specific subject. Working in pencil, you'll develop values and master seamless gradations from the lightest lights to the darkest darks without the usual graphite sheen. A simple exercise will train each student to draw incredible detail using practical rendering of textures and different colors of objects represented as shades of gray; to recognize luminosities, reflections and contrasts; and to execute useful and fast forms to render hairs and thorns. Each participant will design a composition and begin an original work using tricks to draw viewers’ eyes to the focal point. Value training will improve artwork in any medium, but drawing in graphite is so much fun!

Fee: $360 member, $410 non-member.

Prerequisites: Botanical illustration in Light on Form or intermediate skills in graphite.

Date(s): Fri-Sun, April 5-7, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Instructor: Rogério Lupo

Rogério Lupo is one of the finest contemporary scientific illustrators in the world, with many top awards from prestigious institutions. He was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and has been teaching biological illustration since 1998. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of São Paulo and has studied art at Escola Clássica de Arte (Classical School of Art), São Paulo. He works in a variety of media, always aiming to share his experience with didactical material available for free on the Internet. He was awarded the first prize in the Margaret Mee National Contest (Brazil) in 2002 and 2003, black-and-white category, and the first prize in the 2010 and 2013 Margaret Flockton Award for Excellence in Scientific Botanical Illustration (Australia).


Great Perennial Grasses

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective


No other group of plants responds to the strong light and wind of the west like ornamental grasses. Harking to our natural prairie and chaparral communities, grasses create a sense of place and are also important in the lifecycles of native creatures. Many grasses are highly sustainable, requiring little input of water, fertilizer, and care. Lauren will discuss both adapted exotic and native North American grasses and show inspirational examples of their incorporation in garden settings, including her passion, steppe- and prairie-style plantings.


Instructor: Lauren Springer Ogden is a long-time instructor at DBG and internationally known garden designer, author, and speaker. She designed several gardens at DBG, including the popular WaterSmart Garden, and most recently the new native Visitors Center gardens at Chatfield Farms.


Price: $31, $26 members

Image: Courtesy of col&tasha (flickr)



Growing Food in Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

It has never been easier to grow your own food and there is no easier way than in a raised vegetable garden bed!

Join me to learn about how to build your raised bed and look at raised beds we've built in the Denver metro area. We will also discuss soils to fill the beds and methods of irrigating your vegetables. Finally, top that off with real tried and true tips on which vegetables to grow and how to grow them! Seriously, you couldn't find a more comprehensive course on raised vegetable gardening . . .


Price: $29, $24 members

Instructor: Curtis Manning


Growing Food in the High Mountains

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

You can grow food in the mountains! Cord and Penn Parmenter are determined to say ‘yes’ to mountain gardeners. Wind, hail, deer, bears, extreme temperatures -- they’ve heard it all. The Parmenters have been growing organic food at 8,120 ft. elevation since 1992 and their techniques and experiences apply to all of Colorado’s elevations and hardships. The mountains have a long history of providing a large amount of food for the state. This class covers many great foods that thrive in the mountains’ cool weather, wind proof season extenders, hail covers, raised bed preparation, compost options against bears, crop rotation, companion planting, succession planting, vegetables for the shade, mulching, seed saving and more. Altitude doesn’t matter; this class is designed to help all gardeners overcome the wild, wild, west. The Parmenters also touch on their successful, totally sustainable water-storage solar greenhouses and vegetable seed starting using recycled materials.

Can’t you just taste those fresh, mountain grown succulent greens, beans, squash, bok choi, and yes, even tomatoes, sweet corn and pumpkins!


Price: $59, $52 members

Instructors: Penn and Cord Parmenter are high altitude food growers. They live in the Wet Mountains in South Central Colorado and they apply a multitude of techniques to overcome the challenges of the high country. Their totally sustainable greenhouse provides food year round for them and their three boys.


Growing Roses in Colorado - Planning a Rose Garden

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

Just about everyone grows a rose bush or two. Congress designated the rose as America’s national floral emblem in 1986. The popularity of growing roses began thousands of years ago and continues today. The rose growing series offered by American Rose Society Consulting Rosarians and experts from the Denver Rose Society will cover how to grow healthy, easy care beautiful roses for years to come. The series covers secrets to successful rose growing, no pain pruning, versatile shrub roses, fragrant roses, and winter care. Choose one class or take them all and come away with confident rose growing skills and greater appreciation for the “Queen of Flowers.”

Roses grow great in Colorado! Many rose varieties thrive in our region, and can fill your garden with beautiful blooms, color and fragrance. Let one of our experienced rosarians with the Denver Rose Society lead you through the basics of growing roses, how to plant, fertilize and water. We’ll cover healthy practices for growing happy and vigorous roses through the season. You’ll leave the class with the know-how to make roses the Queen of Flowers in your garden!

Instructor: Denver Rose Society

Price: $32, $27 members

Growing With Gratitude

This class is an exploration of Naikan, or "looking inside." Explore practical ways to become more aware of blessings that often go unseen even when in plain view. Take home exercises to help open heart and mind to the peace available in our worlds.



Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Carol O'Dowd, MPA, M.Div., RP

Carol O'Dowd is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor and Registered Psychotherapist, certified in Japanese Methods of Psychology. She is trained in Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) and has completed Naikan retreats. She is currently studying Horticultural Therapy uses therapeutic horticulture techniques in her Psychotherapy practice.

Special Instructions: Bring with you a journal or notepad and writing utensil.


Guided Meditation Walk - Forest Bathing

A guided meditation in the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, a term meaning  taking in the forest atmosphere  or  forest bathing  will connect us with the sights, smells and sounds of a natural setting to promote physiological and psychological health.


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW


Guided Meditation Walk - Healing Walk

Healing involves the body, mind and spirit. Through a guided meditation walk, we focus on the healing power of nature for those facing illness and their caregivers.


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW


Guided Meditation Walk - Never Not Unbroken

We are often focused on completeness, both in ourselves and in the world around us. Yet, our brokenness may provide the space to repeatedly re-create ourselves stronger, braver and with greater integrity and authenticity.


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW


Guided Meditation Walk - The Five Taoist Elements

Experience a transformation in mind, body and chi as we meditate on the Five Taoist Elements and their corresponding emotions of fear, anger, grief, compassion and happiness.


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW



Guided Meditation: Being Present

In a world of distractions and competing demands, a meditation practice focusing on the present moment enhances respite and repose. Join us as we explore the powerful benefits of practicing mindfulness with our breath and steps amid the serenity of the Gardens.


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW



Guided Meditation: Gratitude

A gratitude practice opens our hearts to the endless possibilities life offers. When we practice gratitude, we rewire our brain to focus on peace and prosperity. Gratitude is an emotion of connectedness reminding us we are part of a larger universe with all sentient beings.


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Guided Sitting Meditation - Embracing Uncertainty

To embrace uncertainty is to embrace life. Uncertainty often brings myriad emotions   trepidation, anger, doubt, fear. Our meditation will encourage embracing uncertainty, allowing room for wonder and acceptance of all that is.


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Guided Sitting Meditation: First Noble Truth

The First Noble Truth reminds us of the inevitability of life. Pain and suffering may come from myriad sources   emotional, physical, spiritual. Mindfulness offers an opportunity to lean into pain without resistance or expectation.


Price: $18, $15 members

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW


Guided Sitting Meditation: Loving What Is

Join us as we meditate on the four qualities of love: maitri (loving kindness), karuna (compassion), mudita (joy) and upeksha (equanimity).

Appropriate for adults of all abilities.


Price: $18, $15 members

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW



Guided Sitting Meditation: Three Tenets

Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and Taking Action are the foundations of the Three Tenets. With regular practice, the Three Tenets can become a way of living from the center at all times.

Appropriate for adults of all abilities.


Price: $18, $15 member

Instructor: Denise Bickel, PhD, MSW, LCSW



Gut health; how foods can affect your microbiome and immune system


This class will include a short interactive presentation, the opportunity for Q&A/group discussion, followed by a cooking demonstration with recipes chosen based on the theme topic. All presentations/topics will incorporate the most current scientific evidence available, and (synergistic with Denver Botanic Garden s mission), emphasize the benefits of a plant-based diet and a diversity of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other botanical supplements for health promotion. All skill levels are welcome.



Instructor: Jennifer Carroll MD, MPH

Dr. Carroll is a Research Professor at the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine and Research Director at UC Health s Integrative Medicine Center. She provides clinical consultations at UC Health s Integrative Medicine Center and advises patients on complementary and alternative therapies for a variety of clinical conditions such as cancer-related care, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, womens and mens health issues, and many others. She is a co-founder of the Culinary MDs, LLC which seeks to empower individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles through interactive presentations, workshops, and cooking demonstrations.


Healing Oils of the Bible

Extensive scientific studies over the centuries have found that essential oils have the ability to support the human body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn the important role that essential oils played in the lives of Biblical people. We will explore the twelve most significant oils of ancient scripture.


Instructors: Judy Jehn

Price: $41, $36 members


Herbal First Aid/Hiking


This class introduces students to the myriad ways in which a variety of botanicals can be utilized safely and effectively for first aid situations, including burns, sprains/strains, poison ivy and insect bites/stings.  We cover both internal and external applications, including homeopathy and poultices. Students make a product to take home to add to their first aid kits. 

Colorado s native trees and shrubs offer some surprising medicinal qualities. Some health issues, including coughs, minor aches and pains, and even wounds can be helped with the help of our native trees. Join herbalist and horticulturalist Blake Burger on a walk through the autumnal woods to specifically discuss healing trees and other medicinal plants.


Price: $188 public

Saturday Instructor: Cat Pantaleo

Cat is a holistic practitioner and wellness educator with 19 years of professional experience assisting people to achieve optimal physical and emotional health. Utilizing her skills as a certified herbalist, nutritionist, nature and forest therapy guide, and practitioner of nonviolent communication, she skillfully incorporates a combination of wellness practices into her work with the intention of empowering people to co-create optimal wellness for themselves and their communities. Currently, her focus is facilitating resilience, restoration and deep nourishment for body, mind and spirit through optimal nutrition, plant medicine and nature immersion. She offers a variety of community classes, plant walks and nature connection experiences, and is pursuing a master s degree in ecopsychology in alignment with her commitment to bridge the perceived gap between humans and the natural world for the benefit of both.

Sunday Instructor: Blake Burger

Blake Burger s passion for plants began at a young age gardening in Illinois and only grew stronger once he moved to Colorado in 2000 and began hiking in the wilderness areas of Colorado. There, he began to cultivate a great curiosity and appreciation for the diverse flora found along the hiking trails. In 2007, he left his career as a food scientist and worked as a seasonal gardener for Denver Botanic Gardens. After one year, he was hired full time as a horticulturalist. Throughout his years at the Gardens he has worked with tropical plants, native plants, vegetables and herbs. After receiving his Herbalist Certification here in Denver, Blake immediately began working with the vast array of medicinal plants growing in the Gardens. He founded the Denver Medicinal Plant Society in 2015, created and maintains several medicinal plant beds at the Gardens  York Street location, and has laid the foundation for the Gardens  first Herbalist Certificate Program. As a certified yoga instructor, Blake has led more than 1,000 yoga classes over six years and created a nationally recognized yoga program here at the Gardens. Blake believes in a multifaceted approach to health and wellness: eat well, move your body, never stop learning, get outside and connect.


Herbal Home and Garden Workshop

Learn how to create a garden full of plants that can be used in the kitchen, medicine cabinet, spa and cleaning cupboard. Discover herbs for culinary teas and seasoning blends, spa body and bath care, first aid and green cleaning. Enjoy an herbal lunch featuring roasted tomato gazpacho with parmesan crisps; herbed chicken salad with green goddess dressing and rosemary rhubarb cobbler. From an herbal ingredient buffet, make and take home an herbal seasoning blend, tea blend, infused vinegar, exfoliating body scrub, soothing lip balm and all-purpose cleaner. Discover the fascinating world of herbs! Lunch, extensive handout with growing instructions and recipes are included.

Price: $79, $74 members, $35 fee included for materials

Instructor: Susan Evans





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