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Herbalism Certificate Program

Aloe can be used to promote healthy skin and soothe sunburn. Oatstraw can support the nervous system to promote a sense of calm. Elderberry syrup and fire cider can be used during cold and flu season. Calendula salve is soothing and can be used as an antibacterial for skin abrasions. For thousands of years plants have been used to promote healthy natural living; this is the base for the new hobby Herbalism Certificate Program at Denver Botanic Gardens.

With a hands-on teaching approach and seed-to-product goal, our instructors guide students through every step of using plants for health and wellness. The inaugural program offers a unique learning experience to transform each student into a confident, knowledgeable and resourceful steward of plants by providing a strong foundation of practical and powerful herbalism knowledge.

Over 75 medicinal plants are studied, including some grown on site at the Gardens and those native to Colorado. Other areas of study include herb gardening in Colorado, plant identification and wildcrafting. With some of the region³ finest herbalists assembled to lead, students learn in the classroom, in the Gardens and out in the field.

This full course series includes all 32 Herbalism Certificate Courses, each with a discount.

Price: $2,800 Public


2019 Class Dates

4/18 Introduction to the Herbalism Certificate Program
4/25 and 5/2
Infusions and Nutritive Herbs Part One and Two
Making Infusions and Gardening in Colorado
Tincture and Cordial Making
5/16 Your Constitution and Why It Matters
5/23 and 5/30 Beautiful Skin Using Herbs
Salve and Hydrosol-Making
Internal Skin Remedies Using Herbs
Mead-Making and Herbal Brews
Herbal Allies for the Digestive System
Herbal Allies for the Liver
Food: Recipes for Healing and Healthy Living
Plant Identification
Herbal Remedies for the Circulatory System
7/18 Herbal Remedies for the Lymphatic System
Herbs for Reproductive System Health: Male
7/27-28 Hiking and Wildcrafting/Making Herbal Remedies
Herbs for Reproductive System Health: Female
8/15 Herbal Allies for Optimal Vitality
Creating Flower Essence
Skin Spa
Herbs for Muscular/Skeletal Health
Herbs for the Respiratory System: Tonics, Expectorants, Antispasmodics, Cold/Flu
Herbs for the Immune System
Herbs for Children
Nervines: Part 1 Calming the Nervous System with Nervine Herbs
Herbal First Aid/Hiking
9/26 Nervines: Part 2
10/10 Formulating with Herbs

10/12 Garden Harvest and Roots
Herbal Lotion Making and Spirit Herbal Remedies
10/17 Herbal Remedies for Pets
10/24 Final Project Presentation and end Celebration


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Instructors: Blake Burger, Monticue Connally, Cat Pantaleo, Raven Rose, Amberle Suski, Kimberly Thompson


Blake's passion for plants began at a young age gardening in Illinois and only grew stronger once he moved to Colorado in 2000 and began hiking in the wilderness areas of Colorado. There, he began to cultivate a great curiosity and appreciation for the diverse flora found along the hiking trails. In 2007, he left his career as a food scientist and worked as a seasonal gardener for Denver Botanic Gardens. After one year, he was hired full time as a horticulturalist. Throughout his years at the Gardens he has worked with tropical plants, native plants, vegetables and herbs. After receiving his Herbalist Certification here in Denver, Blake immediately began working with the vast array of medicinal plants growing in the Gardens. He founded the Denver Medicinal Plant Society in 2015, created and maintains several medicinal plant beds at the Gardens  York Street location, and has laid the foundation for the Gardens  first Herbalist Certificate Program. As a certified yoga instructor, Blake has led more than 1,000 yoga classes over six years and created a nationally recognized yoga program here at the Gardens. Blake believes in a multifaceted approach to health and wellness: eat well, move your body, never stop learning, get outside and connect.

Monticue is an African American plant healer, herbalist, music artist and certified reiki master. He is also the co-owner of Jiridon Apothecary, a pop-up herbal entity offering great teas and other natural products to aid in the healing of body, mind and spirit. He teaches classes and leads local herb walks. His enthusiasm and charismatic demeanor make him pure fun to learn from. Intuitive wisdom combined with a deep working knowledge of plants makes him a practitioner skilled in meeting people where they are.

Cat is a holistic practitioner and wellness educator with 19 years of professional experience assisting people to achieve optimal physical and emotional health. Utilizing her skills as a certified herbalist, nutritionist, nature and forest therapy guide, and practitioner of nonviolent communication, she skillfully incorporates a combination of wellness practices into her work with the intention of empowering people to co-create optimal wellness for themselves and their communities. Currently, her focus is facilitating resilience, restoration and deep nourishment for body, mind and spirit through optimal nutrition, plant medicine and nature immersion. She offers a variety of community classes, plant walks and nature connection experiences, and is pursuing a master s degree in ecopsychology in alignment with her commitment to bridge the perceived gap between humans and the natural world for the benefit of both.

Raven is a menstrual health herbalist who intertwines Western herbalism with traditional healing practices. At her practice, Moon Medicine, she addresses menstrual and hormonal issues, from fibroids to hot flashes. Raven has studied herbalism, nutrition and spiritual healing in the United States, Mexico and Peru. Her teachings are focused on natural healing through the integration of herbalism with emotional and spiritual healing. Catch her in a class on herbs for hormonal balance or connecting with plant spirits.

Amberle is a Colorado native who has been working as a holistic healthcare practitioner in the Denver community for over seven years. She is trained and certified in community herbalism, permaculture design, reflexology, reiki and wellness coaching. Amberle aims to connect with people in need of support to enable them to mindfully, skillfully and confidently care for themselves, others and their environment. She believes that people flourish as they take ownership of their health and quality of life through tapping into education, intuition, empowerment, community, nature, spirit and sharing the highs and lows of life. She can be found farming, gardening, telling people way more than they wanted to know about plants and playing with plants in an unending variety of inspired ways! Her herbal products, integrative healing sessions, educational offerings and therapeutic gardening guidance and services are uniquely tailored by employing a variety of strategies such as bodywork, traditional spiritual healing, gems and essences, nature exploration, in-depth interactive research, DIY formulations, permaculture, regenerative growing, and plant-based foods and medicines.



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