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2015 Tree Diversity Conference - Even. More. Tree. Types.

Even more trees are coming to Denver! Building on the success of the March 2014 Tree Diversity Conference, five different tree experts will be speaking at the Denver Botanic Gardens this coming March to present more ideas about underutilized tree species and cultivars. The time of losing many of our ash trees to the emerald ash borer will soon be upon us and the urgency of making wise replanting choices is greater than ever.


Our outstanding new program includes a professor of plant sciences and horticulture who hails from a very cold climate, an experienced Asian plant explorer and arboretum collections director, one of our country's foremost tree nursery propagators and two of the Front Range's best-known urban foresters. In addition to specific trees, we'll be hearing about some of the challenges climate change presents and about the role government can play in promoting more varied tree selection. Join us to further expand your menu of tree choices and together let's develop a more stable and secure urban forest!


2015 Lineup

Kathleen Alexander, Boulder, CO City Forester

Kris Bachtell, Collections Director, Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

Tim Buchanan, Ft. Collins, CO City Forester

Greg Morgenson, Woody Plant Research Specialist, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

Keith Warren, Plant Propagator, J. Frank Schmidt Nurseries, Boring, OR.



(Subject to Change)

9:00 Welcome

9:05 Chad King, DU Sustainability

9:15 Keith Warren, J. Frank Schmidt: Selection and Introduction of New Tree Cultivars--Which Ones for Colorado?

10:00 Keith Warren: Q & A

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 Kathleen Alexander, Boulder Forestry: Balancing Tree Species Diversity and Design

11:00 Kathleen Alexander: Q & A

11:15 Greg Morgenson, NDSU: Trees for South (and North) of the Border

12:00 Greg Morgenson: Q & A

12:15 Lunch Break

1:15 Tim Buchanan, Ft. Collins Forestry: Potential New Trees for the Front Range

1:45 Tim Buchanan: Q & A

2:00 Kris Bachtell, Morton Arboretum: In a Changing World--The Role of Plant Exploration, Evaluation and Introduction

2:45 Kris Bachtell: Q & A

3:00 Panel Discussion, all 5 Speakers

3:30 Close



$75, includes all programming and lunch

New Gardener Boot Camp

Are you a blank slate when it comes to starting your very own garden? Worried about ending the growing season with a pile of dead plants and sad vegetables? Join us at Denver Botanic Gardens for a full day event, packed with answers to all those looming and mysterious gardening questions. Get started on the right foot this year with all of our best beginner’s classes, carefully designed to equip you with all the tools you’ll need to master that garden once and for all!


Classes include:


Garden Planning 101… where do I start?

This beginner’s class will take you step by step through the process of laying out a plan of attack for your garden! Whether you are starting with a blank slate garden or working with an old outdated garden this class will give you the basics on where to start. It will discuss needs and planning tools for raised beds, container gardens and in-ground vegetable gardens. We will discuss the basics of garden locations, sun requirements, water needs, starting from seed, transplanting and the basics of planning the organization of perennials and annuals, trees and shrubs. This class is the perfect fit for anyone needing to understand how the garden works together as a whole.

Instructor Patti O’Neal

Patti O’Neal has been an instructor at Denver Botanic Gardens for 9 years, specializing in kitchen gardens A-Z, seed starting, preparing the beds, intensive growing, pests and diseases and extending the seasons to a successful harvest. She is a horticulturist in CSU Extension office in Jefferson County.



Soils 101

Soils will always be the first place to start when building a beautiful garden. This class will cover the best management practices for building your soil for in-ground beds, containers and raised beds. It will discuss the basics of composting as well as demonstrate the value of soil testing.



Beginning Vegetable Gardening

If you have never planted edible plants or had little success at growing your own vegetables, Betty will take you through the ABCs from planning, soil preparation, plant choices, watering, fertilizing and harvesting your first vegetable garden. Betty will include the most popular vegetables to grow, including lettuce, spinach, peas, tomatoes, peppers, green beans and more. You'll take home a comprehensive planting guide that will help you through the entire growing season and garden seeds to start planting in early spring.




Annuals and Perennials for Color in the Garden

The variety of annuals and perennials is limitless as are the ways to use them in your garden rock gardens, pocket gardens, cottage gardens and vegetable gardens. In this class you will learn the differences between annuals, perennials and biennials, as well as when it is best to use each of them. We will put emphasis on how to choose the best plant options for sprucing up your current garden beds as well as all the things to consider when planning a new garden bed. Well talk about natives and Plant Select options, along with herbs and other edibles and how to incorporate them into your landscape. Well send you on your way with some great ideas and all the ideas you need for success in the coming flower gardening season!

Instructor Donna Duffy

Donna Duffy has been a Master Gardener in Jefferson County since 2009, and became a Native Plant Master a couple of years later. As a Colorado native, Donna has experienced gardening through hail, drought, microbursts, floods, early snow…everything that Colorado weather can throw at us. As a result, Donna’s gardening interests have evolved to using and experimenting with native plants, Plant Select, and other waterwise plants and shrubs. Donna has been a professional trainer for over 25 years in the non-profit sector.


These classes combined usually cost more then $200 but with New Gardener Boot Camp event will be $60 members, $80 non-members. Register Early as space is limited.






Renew - Body, Food and Soul


This summer, join us on Saturday mornings as we focus on health and wellbeing in the Gardens. Our program begins before opening hours so all participants can experience the beauty of a quiet, sundrenched morning at Denver Botanic Gardens. Our very own horticulturist and certified yoga instructor Blake Burger will lead participants through one hour of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Afterwards, have some time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and stroll around our very own Market Farm stand to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from our farm at Chatfield. We’ll then offer a complimentary class on topics like juicing and meditation, to increase your skill and confidence in choosing a healthy lifestyle.


Spend your Saturdays mornings in a beautiful place, doing great things for your mind and body!



June 6th - Juicing for your Mind and Body - Learn the ins and outs of juicing by using raw fruit and vegetable combinations to make delicious, nutrient packed beverages.


July 11 -Introduction to Meditation


August 1st - Intorduction to Ayurveda


Members $20, non-members $24



The Art of Stone Appreciation – Contemporary Concepts in the Context of Ancient Asian Traditions


Originating some two thousand years ago in China, the tradition of collecting and appreciating scholars’ stones has endured in contemporary times. Known in China as Gongshi and in Japan as Suiseki, scholars’ stones were seen to be valuable natural objects that intellectuals could place in their studies for contemplation. A scholar who discovered the qualities of one of these stones considered the landscape from which the stone came, and appreciated the impressions and emotions each stone could invoke. The practice of discovering remarkable viewing stones and bringing them into the human sphere continues today. Dr. Tom Elias is recognized as an international authority on both contemporary and traditional Asian viewing stones and is a major collector of such stones himself. He recently authored an illustrated book on viewing stones of North America. In this presentation he will illustrate contemporary concepts of viewing stones in North America within the historical context and tradition of the ancient Asian art form.


Dr. Thomas S. Elias

Dr. Thomas S. Elias, former Director of the United States National Arboretum in Washington D.C., is the Chairman of the Viewing Stone Association of North America and the Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Viewing Stone Association of China. Dr. Elias is the President of Bonsai Clubs International and the President of the Southern Breeze Tree and Stone Society of southern California. He is the recipient of the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Leaves and Rosette from the Emperor of Japan and was honored by the Japan Suiseki Association in 2014 for his contribution to the understanding and promotion of Japanese stone appreciation. He is not only an engaging speaker but also the author of several books, including Viewing Stones of North America: A Contemporary Perspective, co-author with his wife, Hiromi, of Chrysanthemum Stones: The Story of Stone Flowers, and co-author of Spirit Stones: The Ancient Art of Scholar's Rock.


$22 members, $27 non-members

The Genus Salvia for Colorado Gardens

Salvias comprise one of the largest genera of flowering plants—possibly 1000 species occurring throughout the Americas, but also in much of Eurasia and Southern Africa. Each year more wild Salvia are introduced to cultivation, and more and more hybrids are crowding the field. In this presentation there will be a brief overview of the genus, with the first hour concentrating on hardy salvias for xeriscapes and the second hour exploring other uses for Salvias (tender ones for containers, rock gardens, perennial borders, herb gardens and annual plantings.)


$24 member, $26 non-member

Instructor: Denver Botanic Gardens Senior Curator

and Director of Outreach Panayoti Kelaidis



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