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Food & Cooking

Gifts from the Herb Garden


Spend a fun morning crafting enchanting gifts to delight friends and family. Make and take home chocolate delights including delicious chocolate nut clusters and irresistible chocolate dipped candied ginger and orange peel. Learn how to make spicy/sweet cocktail nuts, a soothing lavender lip balm, a pressed-flower glass candle holder and pot up some narcissus for fragrant blooms. We ll have chai tea and scones to keep that creative juice going. Recipes and all materials included. Treat yourself!


Instructor: Susan Evans

Price: $59, $54 member

Home Cheesemaking

Learn the basic ins and outs of traditional cheesemaking and the animal husbandry, botany, and microbiology behind it, as well as the different types of cheese and how to make fresh cheeses at home! In this hands-on workshop we ll explore how to turn milk into curds and whey and stretch your own fresh mozzarella for you to take home!

Price: $44, $39 members

Instructor: Meg Caley is the Executive Director (or  Founder and Farmer-in-Chief ) for local urban agriculture non-profit Sprout City Farms. Before moving to Denver in 2008, she was the head cheesemaker on a 400-acre grassfed meat and dairy farm in central New Jersey where she made 7 different kinds of farmstead raw milk cheeses from their pastured Jersey cows. Meg has been a cheese nerd since learning the craft in Italy in 2006, and is ever eager to share her love of cheese with the world!



Medicinal Plants for Digestive Health and Wellness

When our digestive system is happy, we are happy. Conversely, when digestive issues arise, many other systems of the body can be affected. After a quick overview of the digestive system, this class will cover ways to encourage proper function using herbs, promote healthy bacteria growth in our gut and explore the idea of our "gut biome." After discussing some beneficial herbs, we will make bitters, review the process of making water keifer, sample a digestive tea blend and prepare a tea blend to take home.


Price: $34, $29 member

Instructor: Blake Burger

Natural Blood Sugar Balance with Plenty of Sweetness

Blood sugar and insulin balance are important factors in achieving optimal health for your brain, stomach and energy levels. Blood sugar balance can be maintained through many plants and herbs. Learn about the nutritional science and practices that support the use of plants, both from land and sea, to nourish and create internal equilibrium. 


Price: $46, $41 members

Instructor: Cynthia Farris designs personalized nutrition & lifestyle programs for nature lovers wanting to heal digestive & immune issues naturally. Many of these approaches honor the simple, close-to-the-earth approaches of our ancestors. She believes that good health begins with a joyful gut, which is created through gentle and easy-to-incorporate daily practices. Trained as a functional nutritionist, she focuses on root cause resolution of symptoms resulting in happy bellies, vibrant energy, uplifted mood and sustainable wellness. Cynthia holds certifications in functional nutrition and lifestyle practices, fermentation, transformational coaching, is a board certified holistic health coach and certified gluten practitioner. 



Scrumptious Holiday Appetizers


Take the stress out of the holidays and add some pizzazz to your entertaining with these easy, elegant offerings. We will make Baby Crab Cakes with Chive Aioli, Tamari Pumpkin Seeds, smoky Baba Gahoush, creamy Queso Fundido with Chorizo, Lemon Rosemary Olives and savory Veggie Flatbread. Recipes and generous tastings provided. Be the hit of the holiday season!


Price: $60, $55 member

Instructor: Susan Evans




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