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York St. General Admission

Tickets are valid for general admission only.

-Tickets are valid any day during regular admission hours.

-Tickets are not valid for Blossoms of Light or other specially ticketed events.

-Tickets are non-refundable.

**The Gardens will close at 4 p.m. daily November 23-January 1 for Blossoms of Light**

Winter Hours

October 1, 2018- May 11, 2019

Every day: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Summer Hours

May 12, 2019 - Sept. 29, 2019

Every day: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. (Grounds close at 9 p.m.)

Mordecai Children's Garden Hours

March 1 - October 31

Every day 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Denver Botanic Gardens occasionally closes early for special events. A list of early closure dates can be found by following this link.


Denver Botanic Gardens reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


"The Kiss": Klimt's Masterpiece

**On Sale June 11, 9 a.m.**

Austrian painter Gustav Klimt created his most iconic painting, “The Kiss,” between 1907 and 1908. After studying Klimt's painting in detail, we design, paint and embellish our own work in his style. Linear elements from Vienna art nouveau, organic forms from the arts and crafts movement, metallic components and textural embellishments blend to create pattern-rich works sure to enchant.


Prerequisite: Entry-level color media.


Fee: $280 member, $330 non-member. Includes fee for supplies provided (specified in the materials list).


Date(s): Fri-Sun, Dec. 13-15, 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Instructor: Meredith Feniak

2019 October SMA Tour: So Much Art and Heritage

In addition to the workshops, immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of San Miguel de Allende (a detailed tour program will be provided by request and at the registration).

For more detailed information and registration, please contact 720-865-3653 or mervihj@botanicgardens.org.


Wild Flowers of El Charco with Isik Güner

Cosmos and dahlia, abutilon and passiflora are among the several hundred wildflowers that can be found in early October after the rain season on the grounds of El Charco del Ingenio.

We explore the unique and unspoiled El Charco landscape together with a specialist, learn about the native plants and find samples to work with later on paper. Isik demonstrates different techniques and approaches that achieve life-like paintings. Learn the skills to portray delicate petals, leaves and detail in watercolor. The class helps you to combine the scientific accuracy with an aesthetic vision to create beautiful botanical painting of El Charco’s wild flowers. Prerequisite: Intermediate skills in watercolor.

Date(s): Thu-Sat, Mon, October 3-5, 7, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (El Charco and Posada Corazon, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico)

Instructor: Isik Güner, Turkey


Isik Güner, our talented 2017 artist-in-resident will be joining us there to teach a workshop: Wild Flowers in Watercolor. Isik comes from Turkey but is also one of the core teachers of the Royal Botanic Garden's certificate program in Edinburg, Scotland. She is also the editor and lead illustrator for Illustrated Flora of Turkey Project with 28 volumes, 2000 watercolor plates and 9000 line drawings which will be completed in 2023. Isik has received several gold medals from the Royal Horticultural Society's botanical art exhibitions.


Plant portraits with Siligraphy-technique

This printmaking technique is based on the repellence of ink and silicone also called waterless lithography. After the plant image is drawn or painted on glass or Plexiglas the surface is coated with silicone. After the ink is rolled onto the plate, the image can be printed and you get a striking image portraying the flowers in season from El Charco. No prerequisites.

Date(s): Mon-Tue, October 7-8, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Posada Corazon, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico)

Instructor: Rocio Rios, San Miguel De Allende



Nueva Aldama - Posada Corazon, the whole facility is reserved for our use for the duration of this immersion week.

This historic Mexican house comes with a family atmosphere and quiet, surrounding large gardens buffered from the busy life outside. The unique property has an exquisite location is in the very heart of town and only few hundred meters from the cathedral. Breakfast included with organic products grown on the property. Daily cleaning service in room included. Wake-up call by roosters between 3:30-4 a.m.!

2019-2020 Homeschool Days Package

Homeschool Days offer families the opportunity to explore plant-based themes through a variety of hands-on activities, tours and take-home projects that families can do together. Activities are designed for children ages five and up, however all ages are welcome to attend.


Plants 101: Root to Seed - August 26, 2019 (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

  • Journey from root to seed as you examine plants up-close. Discover the structure and function of the five major plant parts as you dissect plants and explore plant diversity. Plant a house plant cutting to take home with you.


Tree-Mendous Trees - October 1, 2019 (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

  • Explore the tree-mendous world of trees at Denver Botanic Gardens. Become a tree detective as you learn basic tree identification skills, discover the story told by a tree’s rings and investigate why leaves change color in the fall.


Rainforest - January 27, 2019 (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

  • Explore your way through the rainforest, its products, diversity and treasures. Discover the layers of the rainforest, how chocolate is made and the unique adaptations that plants in the rainforest have to help them survive.


Be a Botanist - February 24, 2020 (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

  • Spend a day in the boots of a botanist and investigate plants like a scientist. Discover how plants are classified, examine herbarium specimens, and design an experiment as you get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the things a botanist might do.


Nature's Art - March 16, 2020 (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

  • Join us for a day of creating, designing and crafting. Learn how nature’s colors, shapes and patterns inspire works of art as you spend the day investigating natural dyes, discovering hidden mathematical patterns and creating one-of-a-kind works of art.


Register for all 5 Homeschool Days offered August 2019 through March 2020, and receive a $10 savings over the individual price.


Price: Discounted package price (all 5 days) $50

26 Shades of Lavender: Exploring the Lavender Fields at Chatfield Farms

Inhale the romance of lavender without traveling to the south of France! The lavender fields at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms boast 26 varieties of this beloved aromatic herb.

Ancient Egyptians added lavender to mummy preparation, and people in the Middle Ages believed it could cure illness. Today, lavender is widely used to reduce stress, induce slumber and lift the spirits. Begin with a visit to the stunning Chatfield Farms lavender fields to observe, sketch and collect specimens. Back in the classroom, develop a composition that portrays the beauty of the plant and tells more about its structure and use. Your colored pencil plate will be a lasting reminder of your lovely lavender learning experience.


Prerequisite: Botanical Illustration in Colored Pencil II.


Fee: $260 member, $310 non-member.



Wed, June 26, 1-4 p.m. (Chatfield Farms), July 3, 10, 17, 24, 1-4 p.m. (Denver Botanic Gardens)

Instructor: Susan Dimarchi


A Guided Walk - Forest Bathing


Experience the relaxing practice of forest bathing: shinrin-yoku. Bathe in the atmosphere of the forest through mindful engagement of the senses. Studies suggest that a regular practice of forest bathing may be associated with a reduction in blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones. During this walk, the guide invites ways to engage the senses for closer connection with the surrounding nature. You will move slowly and mindfully through the forest as you are guided through a series of invitations to engage your senses for closer connection with the surrounding nature. The walk begins at 9 a.m. (this does not include travel time to get to the walk starting point) and lasts 2.5 hours. Detailed information about location will be emailed out about a week before the walk.


Price: $30, $25 member

Instructor: Leona Campbell

Leona is a professional photographer and owner of Wind in Pines LLC, which provides public and private forest bathing walks in the greater Denver area. Leona is a certified forest therapy guide, through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT).


Special Instructions: All walks begin at 9 am (this does not include travel time to get to the walk starting point), and will last 2.5 hours. Detailed information about location will be emailed out about a week before the walk. All locations will likely be near the foothills, within about a one hour drive or less from Denver.


A Walk Through Thyme Tour

Step back in time with plant stories that take you on a voyage from early life on the plains of North America to today. From common household herbs to grasses and favorite garden bulbs, plants are central to our lives and this is an opportunity to let them walk you through history. This is a one-hour tour led by docents.


Price: $14, $12 member, $10 student


Special instructions: Tours are outdoors; dress accordingly for the weather. Water, sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended. Please bring booking confirmation. Meet guide in the lobby of the Boettcher Memorial Center after entering through the Gardens main entrance.


Notes: Prices include admission to the Gardens. Tours with low registration are subject to cancellation.

Advanced Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom


Have you used Adobe Lightroom for basic photo editing but want to get more out of your images? Learn advanced photo editing using one of the most popular and versatile photography programs on the market today, Adobe Lightroom. Gain an understanding of the different develop submodules with a focus on the tone curve, HSL and split toning submodules. This class is for anyone with a good understanding of Lightroom for basic photo editing.


This is a lecture style class with review of images, discussion and a Q&A session. Students must bring a laptop with a paid version of Adobe Lightroom Classic (Version 5 or higher) installed. The free version (Lightroom CC) will not work for this class. Students can bring their own images, but will also be provided with some images to edit, so they should have an available USB port to download images.


Price: $41, $36 member

Instructor: John Bosley is a wedding and portrait photographer in Denver, CO. He is also a writer for PhotographyLife.com, a top-ranked photography blog, and co-creator of an educational video series about photography.

Amazing Vegetables A to Z Full Series


Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

This is the class that will hone your skills as an amazing vegetable gardener. It is designed to take beginners to a new level and remind intermediate gardeners of the success strategies that always work when we go off course and forget the science of what got us to success in the first place. We will cover the science of vegetable gardening, do some myth busting, and provide you with some clear cut strategies to get the biggest harvest from the space you have.

The classes are 2 ½ hours each and are designed so that you can take the entire series or drop in for a refresher on the single class or classes that you want to brush up on. We will use a combination of hands on and lecture and demonstration to keep you engaged.

Please note: We will not cover gardening in containers in depth in this class. If that is your interest, please see Crops in Pots.


Session 1: Raised Beds

March 20, 2019- 6:00pm

Planning the best location, choosing in ground or raised beds and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will look at re-purposing materials to create raised beds. We will cover soil building and choosing amendments. We will build around what has not worked for you in the past and set you on a course for improvement for your 2017 vegetable garden. Every season is a Do-Over!


Session 2: Planting

March 27, 2019- 6:00pm

Planting is the focus of this session. How to decide what to plan, the seasons of the vegetable garden and getting the biggest bang for your gardening buck. We will cover cool season and warm season plants and the ones that grow best here in Colorado. Then take a look at seed starting and see a demonstration of starting seeds inside and direct sowing outside as well as transplanting. Then we will cover spacing strategies designed to give you the biggest harvest for the space you have available.


Session 3: Extended Gardening

April 3, 2019- 6:00pm

Keeping the Garden going for 3 seasons and beyond is the theme of this session. We will cover the importance of Crop Rotation and how to do it. We will learn different ways to succession plant and how it can maximize the harvest. We will address season extension strategies to protect your crops. We will also cover the concept of companion planting and what is true and what is not.


Session 4: Pests, Problems, & Harvesting

April 10, 2019- 6:00pm

The most common pests and diseases of the vegetable garden will be addressed, how to spot problems before they get away from you and good cultural practices to avoid problems, organics, watering, fertilizing and insect and disease controls. We will also discuss how to know when your veggies are ready for harvest.


Instructor: Patti O'Neal

Price: $120, $110 members

Special Instructions: You can sign up for each individual session, or sign up for all four classes in the series at a discount by signing up for "Amazing Vegetables A to Z Full Series".




Aromatherapy is the use of plant extracts and oils to encourage health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Learn the basics of aromatherapy, safety and precautions and blending techniques using a variety of essential oils. In addition, herbalist Blake Burger discusses the ancient practice of smoke remedies, covering plants and herbs such as frankincense and myrrh, palo santo, copal and sage.


Price: $52, public

Instructor: Blake Burger and Kim Thompson

Blake Burger's passion for plants began at a young age gardening in Illinois and only grew stronger once he moved to Colorado in 2000 and began hiking in the wilderness areas of Colorado. There, he began to cultivate a great curiosity and appreciation for the diverse flora found along the hiking trails. In 2007, he left his career as a food scientist and worked as a seasonal gardener for Denver Botanic Gardens. After one year, he was hired full time as a horticulturalist. Throughout his years at the Gardens he has worked with tropical plants, native plants, vegetables and herbs. After receiving his Herbalist Certification here in Denver, Blake immediately began working with the vast array of medicinal plants growing in the Gardens. He founded the Denver Medicinal Plant Society in 2015, created and maintains several medicinal plant beds at the Gardens  York Street location, and has laid the foundation for the Gardens  first Herbalist Certificate Program. As a certified yoga instructor, Blake has led more than 1,000 yoga classes over six years and created a nationally recognized yoga program here at the Gardens. Blake believes in a multifaceted approach to health and wellness: eat well, move your body, never stop learning, get outside and connect.

Kimberly has spent the last 19 years cultivating her love and passion for the natural world and sharing it with others. In addition to being a clinical herbalist, Kim is also a certified massage therapist, aromatherapist and licensed esthetician. She practices many different modalities including Mayan abdominal massage, Mayan tradition spiritual healing, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, lymph drainage massage, neuromuscular massage, cupping, Gua sha, cranial sacral therapy, Thai massage for the table, Ashi-atsu barefoot massage, and Ashi Thai are among the many bodywork methods that she practices. Kimberly adds a spiritual healing style to each of her treatments.  She uses an intuitive approach to help gently unwind the tissue and bring the body into balance. She loves beauty and skincare and offers facials, dermaplane, microdermabrasion and waxing. She also offers herbal consultations to assist clients in their herbal healing journey. Kimberly has worked for 18 years teaching classes in herbal medicine and aromatherapy and working in the clinic. Her practice at Apothecary Tinctura and her own private practice has an emphasis on women's holistic health. She has been teaching classes for the last four years for The Denver Integrative Massage School and Herbalism Roots. She loves time in nature teaching people about wildcrafting, medicine making and plant identification. She also loves teaching and sharing her love of body work.


Art of Smartphone Photography


This is the class for anyone who uses their smartphone camera to create photographs. Whether you’re new to photography or a seasoned pro, there’s more to learn about leveraging this accessible digital technology. You’ll gain insight into the photography skills necessary to make the most out of your images - from shooting to editing. Next, you will also learn the various platforms to share and print your images, and how to keep all of your precious memories safe. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, join us for a fun-filled class!


Price: $29, $24 member


Instructor: Jeanette Galie Burkle is a commercial and editorial photographer with extensive experience in teaching, lecturing, and consulting. Since 2003, Jeanette has successfully owned and managed Galie Photography, while designing and delivering seminars on a wide range of photography topics. An award winning-photographer, Jeanette combines an engineering background with a strong artistic sense. With the belief that photography is part art and part science, she strives to use her unique background to produce art that is infused with a creative vision and improved by knowledge of the underlying scientific principles of photography. She has worked with many corporate clients including ExxonMobil, George Mason University, American Red Cross, John Marshall Bank, AmeriChoice, Medtronic, Harris Corporation, and Long & Foster Realty. Jeanette’s work has been honored through the Virginia Professional Photographers Association with such recognition as the highly distinguished Fuji Masterpiece Award and the Kodak Gallery Award.

Jeanette has been teaching photography since 2005. Her students respond well to her fun, upbeat classes, and Jeanette loves to see this passion be reflected in her students’ increased confidence as photographers.


Basic Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom

Have you used Adobe Lightroom for simple edits but want to learn more about what is possible for your images? Learn the basics of photo editing using this popular and versatile photography program. In this course, you will learn how to use the basic develop submodule, how to create a develop preset and get a functional introduction to the tone curve, HSL, split toning and lens correction submodules.

Open to all skill levels. Lecture style class with review of images, discussion and Q&A session.


Price: $41, $36 member

Instructor: John Bosley is a wedding and portrait photographer in Denver, CO. He is also a writer for PhotographyLife.com, a top-ranked photography blog, and co-creator of an educational video series about photography.

Special Instructions: Students must bring a laptop with Adobe Lightroom (Version 5 or higher) installed. Students can bring their own images, but will be provided with images to edit. Make sure there is an available USB port on your laptop to download images.

Battling the Japanese Beetle

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

The Japanese beetle – found in many Front Range areas -- is moving to new communities. This unwelcome beetle is concerning home owners with serious damage to plants. Instructor Betty Cahill takes the class through the management options for the Japanese beetle during its adult and larval stages. She provides tips on how to protect your favorite plants, including a plant list that Japanese beetles prefer and mostly avoid.

Instructor: Betty Cahill

Price: $31, $26 member

Beginning Bonsai

Are you mystified by the many centuries old Japanese tradition of bonsai? Join us for an entertaining and informative class with nationally recognized bonsai masters Harold Sasaki and Larry Jackel as they debunk the myths, fictions and misconceptions surrounding this living art form. Each participant receives a tree, pot, wire, soil and gravel in this hands-on experience of creating a finished bonsai, which you can home.


** this class sells out very quickly, class size is very small for hands on instruction and attention from instructors, please register early


Instructors: Harold Sasaki and Larry Jackel

Price: $105, $95 member, $30 materials fee included

Special Instructions: There will be a break for lunch, please bring lunch or there is a cafe onsite for you to purchase lunch.

Beginning Mushroom Identification


Whether you want to collect mushrooms to learn about them or to eat them, you will want to be able to identify them. These two evening lectures cover how to properly collect and identify mushrooms using their features and environment.

Take a field trip to collect mushrooms and practice identifying them. The location will be based on Ed's scouting trip the day before to ensure there are mushrooms available for collection.

August 22, evening lecture, 6-8 p.m.

August 29, evening lecture, 6-8 p.m.

August 31, scouting trip, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Price: $67, $60 member

Instructor: Ed Lubow has been hunting mushrooms since the 1970s and has been volunteering in the Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi at Denver Botanic Gardens since 2008.

Special instructions: All levels welcome. Students will be notified of the location for the trip the day before the trip.

Recommended reading materials:

Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region  by Vera Stucky Evenson & Denver Botanic Gardens

(This book can be purchased from many of different places, including the Shop at the Gardens)






Best Fall Planted Bulbs for Perennializing

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

Want more than one year of spring bloom from your fall-planted bulbs? Come learn about the best bulbs and varieties for year after year of bloom in our area. Species from early blooming Galanthus, Crocus, Chionodoxa, Scilla and Narcissus through Tulipa, Hyacinthoides, Allium and Colchicum will be discussed. Whether for perennial beds or naturalized landscapes, you will learn planting and cultural tips for maintaining long life. Discussion includes how best to use bulbs and design considerations with other plants and elements in the landscape.

Sign up now to discover the best cultivars of tulips and other bulbs that perennialize on the Front Range before purchasing bulbs to plant this fall.

Instructor: Carl Wilson, Denver horticulturist, speaker and retired CSU Extension Agent.

Price: $31, $26 members



Bilingual Yoga


Cultivate presence through breath-linking movements in this vinyasa yoga class cued in both English and Spanish. Cues will be the same in both languages, and those familiar with yoga will find a common language through the traditional Sanskrit names of the poses. This flowing, dynamic class is beneficial for all practitioners, and teaches important foundations while leaving space for more advanced practitioners to play.


Cultive el hecho de estar presente a través de movimientos enlazados con la respiración en esta clase de vinyasa yoga, instruido en inglés y español ambos. Las instrucciones serán las mismas en ambos idiomas, y para aquellos estudiantes familiarizados con la practica de yoga reconocerán los nombres de las poses en sánscrito. Esta clase fluida y dinámica es beneficiosa para estudiantes de todos niveles, enseña y reafirma fundaciones elementales mientras que al mismo tiempo provee espacio para estudiantes mas avanzados a explorar y divertirse en su tapete!


Price: $10 general public


Instructor: Noemi is a renaissance woman! She created an innovative bilingual yoga class format, based on the language centers of the brain. It’s mission is to serve as a cultural bridge by bringing diversity and inclusivity to yoga rooms around the world! Noemi has worn some fun hats in this lifetime, among those: legal advocate, former competitive gymnast, environmental activist, professional dance performer, beer judge, and her favorite hat as of late: Multilingual Yoga Instructor! Her signature Bilingual Yoga program has been featured by NBC Universal as an impactful grassroots outreach community offering by introducing this wellness practice to underserved demographics. Several editorial articles call Noemi an “Influencer and Inclusionary”, and her work is showcased at art exhibits by world-class museums, cultural and academic institutions.

Noemi’s classes utilize her varied skillset and worldly academic training to deliver an alignment based practice with creative sequencing and fun transitions, while intelligently deconstructing postures safely aided by props, along with soul-quenching philosophy and yogic mythology, sprinkled with breath facilitation and meditation. Her teachings foster a challenge to cultivate respect and empathy both inwardly and outwardly through educational tools. Join her in rising the vibration of your world!




Botanical Illustration in Colored Pencil I

**On Sale June 11, 9 a.m.**

You’ve learned to layer colored pencil, now learn techniques to draw effectively in this medium. Apply your drawing skills and learn new methods specific to colored pencils. Techniques include layering, building and burnishing in color. This versatile, portable medium is perfect for sketching on location as well as producing studio pieces. Learn through instruction, demonstration and practice on small studies of botanical subjects. You’ll be ready to produce a finished plate in Botanical Illustration in Colored Pencil II.

Prerequisite: Light on Form, Color Layering for Colored Pencil.

Fee: Member $260, Non-Member $310


Tue, Sep. 3, 10, 24, Oct. 1, 8, 6-9 p.m.

Instructor: Susan DiMarchi








Botanical Illustration in Colored Pencil I- Online with On-Site Component

**On Sale June 11, 9 a.m.**

You’ve learned to layer colored pencil; now learn techniques to draw effectively in this medium. Apply your drawing skills and learn new methods specific to colored pencils. Techniques include layering, building and burnishing in color. This versatile, portable medium is perfect for sketching on location as well as producing studio pieces. Learn through instruction, demonstration and practice on small studies of botanical subjects. You’ll be ready to produce a finished plate in Botanical Illustration in Colored Pencil II.

Prerequisites: Light on Form, Color Layering for Colored Pencil.


Fee: $310 member, $375 non-member.







 In-class sessions: Fri-Sat, Nov. 22-23, 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


**All assignments are to be completed no later than December 20, 2019.**

Instructor: Susan DiMarchi


The Off-Site Learning Approach

Following the two-day concentrated classroom instruction, three internet sessions cover the remaining course elements. The successful completion of final artwork (a plate) one month (30 days) after the conclusion of the on-site session is the culmination of each of the distance learning courses.


Students must use a scanner or digital camera to record their weekly achievements and email the high-resolution image to the instructor and the school manager. All student questions, as well as instructor answers, recommendations and suggestions are handled by email. The student must send a scan of the final plate to the instructor and the school manager in order to receive credit for the course.


Botanical Illustration in Colored Pencil II

Take your colored pencil skills to the next level and become proficient in this fun, versatile medium. Work through a step-by-step process to create a preparatory layered drawing. Learn techniques to create texture, detail and depth to enhance your subject. Experiment with different surfaces and solvents for blending and shading. Add depth with atmospheric perspective and learn finishing techniques that will make your drawings pop. Individual attention will guide you to create a finished botanical plate.

Prerequisites: Botanical Illustration in Colored Pencil I, Botany for the Botanical Illustrator, Composition for Botanical Illustration, Perfecting Perspective.

Fee: $260 member, $310 non-member.



Wed, Nov. 6, 13, 27, Dec. 4, 11, 1-4 p.m.

Instructor: Susan DiMarchi





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