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Seven Principles of Water-Smart Gardening

Rocky Mountain Gardening Required Course Group I

Gardening remains high and dry in the Rocky Mountain region! Water-Smart Gardening is an environmentally friendly way to create a beautiful home landscape that will thrive under low water conditions. Join this class to learn the principles of Water-Smart Gardening and some of the many plants that you can incorporate into your yard.


Instructor: David Winger

Price: $62, $55 members

Sip and Stroll

Join Horticulturalist and Herbalist Blake Burger on a walking tour of the gardens featuring medicinal plants. Pour a glass of your favorite summer drink and reconnect with nature as we take a beautiful summer stroll! This informative and practical tour will showcase a few of the many medicinal plants growing throughout the Denver Botanic Gardens. Learn about the healing connection between humans and plants, and how to turn garden grown plants into medicine right in your own home.

Price: $15, $10 members

Instructor: Blake Burger, Denver Botanic Gardens horticulturist, herbalist, and resident yogi.


Special Instructions: Please feel free to BYO picnic and drink to enjoy in the Gardens for the stroll.

Participants should meet in the Boettcher Lobby.

Sketching with Quill

In this guided workshop, reconnect with your love of sketching while falling in love with quill and ink! Discover the freedom of adding expressive lines and marks to quickly render the specimen. Gain confidence by drawing with diluted ink and quill, using combinations of lines and marks that suggest color, values and textures. Learn to “own your marks” and progress through the timed 30-minute sessions that will help build your drawing skills and increase your comfort level using quill and ink. All materials provided.


Prerequisite: Botanical Illustration in Pen and Ink I.


Fee: $300 member, $350 non-member.


Fri-Sun, May 31 – June 2, 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Instructor: Susan DiMarchi


Skin Spa

Learn to effectively make affordable skin care products that are all natural, garden fresh and excellent for your skin. There are many herbs growing here in Colorado that help clear, moisturize and revitalize your skin. There is plenty to take home after an afternoon in the kitchen. Make a rose skin serum. Learn the process of making a tulsi hydrosol. Finally, make a skin scrub with fresh lemon balm and a calendula honey mask made with bentonite clay.


Price: $82 public

Instructor: Blake Burger

Blake Burger's passion for plants began at a young age gardening in Illinois and only grew stronger once he moved to Colorado in 2000 and began hiking in the wilderness areas of Colorado. There, he began to cultivate a great curiosity and appreciation for the diverse flora found along the hiking trails. In 2007, he left his career as a food scientist and worked as a seasonal gardener for Denver Botanic Gardens. After one year, he was hired full time as a horticulturalist. Throughout his years at the Gardens he has worked with tropical plants, native plants, vegetables and herbs. After receiving his Herbalist Certification here in Denver, Blake immediately began working with the vast array of medicinal plants growing in the Gardens. He founded the Denver Medicinal Plant Society in 2015, created and maintains several medicinal plant beds at the Gardens  York Street location, and has laid the foundation for the Gardens  first Herbalist Certificate Program. As a certified yoga instructor, Blake has led more than 1,000 yoga classes over six years and created a nationally recognized yoga program here at the Gardens. Blake believes in a multifaceted approach to health and wellness: eat well, move your body, never stop learning, get outside and connect.


Smartphone Photography: Photo Editing for the iPhone

Would you like to take your iPhone photos to a new level? Go beyond the basic editing tools on the iPhone and explore various IOS editing apps available for your iPhone from the App Store. Learning to use these apps and their tools will fine tune your photography and editing skills, creating a stronger visual impact for all your photos.


Price: $29, $24 member

Instructor: Jeanette Burkle


Jeanette Galie Burkle is a commercial and editorial photographer with extensive experience in teaching, lecturing, and consulting. Since 2003, Jeanette has successfully owned and managed Galie Photography, while designing and delivering seminars on a wide range of photography topics. An award winning-photographer, Jeanette combines an engineering background with a strong artistic sense. With the belief that photography is part art and part science, she strives to use her unique background to produce art that is infused with a creative vision and improved by knowledge of the underlying scientific principles of photography. She has worked with many corporate clients including ExxonMobil, George Mason University, American Red Cross, John Marshall Bank, AmeriChoice, Medtronic, Harris Corporation, and Long & Foster Realty. Jeanette’s work has been honored through the Virginia Professional Photographers Association with such recognition as the highly distinguished Fuji Masterpiece Award and the Kodak Gallery Award.

Jeanette has been teaching photography since 2005. Her students respond well to her fun, upbeat classes, and Jeanette loves to see this passion be reflected in her students’ increased confidence as photographers.

Summertime Tea in the Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens and Denver Tea Room present a beautiful morning of tea tasting and education.

Margo Seymour, tea sommelier, pastry chef, and owner of The Denver Tea Room, will present an example of a traditional afternoon tea service, with a nod to the various cultures that also enjoy the practice of taking tea. Guests will taste several teas, traditional sandwiches, and desserts. Join us in the Solarium or the Annuals Pavilion, with fine china and linens, to learn about the tea process, the difference between "high tea" and "low tea", and how to steep the perfect cup of tea.


Price: $42, $38 members, includes $10 for food and tea tastings

Instructor: Margo Seymour


Jun 8, Jul 13, and Aug 24 - Annuals Garden and Pavilion

All other dates will be held in the Solarium.



Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga at the Gardens

Looking for an amazing place to practice your yoga skills, how about the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens?

Vinyasa yoga weaves beautiful movement with challenging postures, and cultivates a sense of peace and calm by the end of each yoga class. Practicing vinyasa yoga on a daily basis can improve posture, flexibility, and endurance. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga helps to bring a sense of clarity to challenging situations in life, reminds us to stay present and focused in an ever-changing environment, and can help us find happiness and contentment in our surroundings.

The postures practiced in this challenging class will promote alignment, flexibility, focus, endurance and help detoxify the body.


Instructor: Blake Burger

Skill level: All levels welcome

Price: $12, $10 members

Special Instructions: Please bring a mat, a towel and water. Walk-ins are welcome for members or non-members! Please bring cash if possible but credit cards are also accepted. Location will vary depending on temperature and time of year.



October 1, 2018- May 14, 2019 (7:30 - 8:30am): Enter through the gate on the east side of York St and yoga will be in the Morrison Center.

May 15, 2019 - September 30, 2019 (8 - 9am): Enter through the Pinon Gate on the west side of York St. In the late summer and fall, class will meet in the ampitheatre. When it is chilly, we will meet in the Orangery (front of the greenhouse complex). There will be signs starting from the after-hours entrance on the north side of the main entry that will direct participants.

October 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019 (7:30 - 8:30am): Enter through the gate on the east side of York St and yoga will be in the Morrison Center.



Photo: Perfecto Insecto (Flickr)


The Amazing Trees of the Regis Arboretum - Tree Tour

The Regis University Arboretum is one of the premier tree collections in Colorado. Some of the most unusual tree species are found in the arboretum, as well as some of the more common trees of Colorado. This three-hour tour is led by Tim Buchanan, a tree expert with more than 40 years of experience in tree identification and selection. Don t miss this opportunity to learn about the trees of the Regis Arboretum.


Price: $40, 35 member

Instructor: Tim Buchanan



Participants should meet at the Arboretum Kiosk at 9am.

The Next Stop: Take Your Photography to the Next Level





The Poetry of Flowers

Poet Emily Dickenson wrote, “‘Nature’ is what we see—The Hill—the Afternoon—Squirrel—Eclipse—the Bumble bee.” The poetry of Ms. Dickenson easily paints vivid images in the artist’s mind. Working in graphite, colored inks and watercolor pencil, develop and complete an illustration inspired by Ms. Dickenson's garden poetry. Explore compositional layouts to include type or calligraphic lettering, and work with illustration techniques inspired by artist Dugald Stermer.


Prerequisite: Botanical Illustration in Watercolor Pencil I.


Fee: $260 member, $310 non-member.



Fri, June 7, 14, 21, 28, July 12, 6-9 p.m.

Instructor: Renee Jorgensen


The Tropical Nature of Terrariums

Discover a unique way to grow tropical plants. Nicholas Giaquinto, conservatory horticulturist, discusses how to brighten the home with tropical plants on a tour through the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory. Participants then design and plant a terrarium to take home.


Price: $69, $64 member, includes all material

Nicholas Giaquinto graduated from SUNY Farmingdale with a degree in ornamental horticulture. With a strong interest in public horticulture, he completed internships at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, Hidcote Manor Gardens in England and Kiseki no Hoshi in Japan. He joined Denver Botanic Gardens in 2015.




Tibetan Singing Bowls Spring Concert

The Denver Botanic Gardens will be hosting its semi-annual Tibetan Bowls Concert to celebrate Spring!!!.

Denver Yoga instructor and sound healer Chris Anne Coviello and her husband Jason Coviello will be performing together to bring you this spring treat. The concert will begin with Jason playing his Hang Drum which is a very rare steel drum that is made by only two people in the world. Some say it sounds like a stringed instrument. Jason's Hang Drum is tuned to the note that vibrationally corresponds to the heart chakra and when he plays the drum, he takes you on a heart-opening journey.

Jason and Chris Anne will then begin playing the singing bowls which are tuned to all the different musical notes that correspond to the different chakras, so they will balance the energy in the body. And since we are made up of mostly water, the vibrational effect will be a full body cellular massage.

Tibetan Singing bowls which have been used for thousands of years as instruments of healing.

So come and Relax and close your eyes and drift into an altered state which facilitates the body to heal. Make sure you wear comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat or blanket so that you may lie down and let the bells carry away with them all that no longer serves you. As your chakra's re-align, breathe peace and enter the profound state of physical-mental and emotional well-being. Leave as if you were 10lbs lighter, because that is exactly what will happen as the pounds of stress, anxiety and fear melt from your system.


Price: $18, $15 members

Special Instruction: No children permitted in this program as it is a very quiet concert and any noise is distracting to other participants

Tincture and Cordial Making

The class introduces the wonderful world of tincture-making – the art and science of creating herbal remedies by macerating plants in alcohol. We cover both folk and weight-to-volume methods, discussing a variety of menstruum choices, as well as sample and formulate cordials – the ancient art of combining herbs spices and honey to make delicious and comforting herbal remedies.


Price: $52, public

Instructor: Cat Pantaleo

Cat is a holistic practitioner and wellness educator with 19 years of professional experience assisting people to achieve optimal physical and emotional health. Utilizing her skills as a certified herbalist, nutritionist, nature and forest therapy guide, and practitioner of nonviolent communication, she skillfully incorporates a combination of wellness practices into her work with the intention of empowering people to co-create optimal wellness for themselves and their communities. Currently, her focus is facilitating resilience, restoration and deep nourishment for body, mind and spirit through optimal nutrition, plant medicine and nature immersion. She offers a variety of community classes, plant walks and nature connection experiences, and is pursuing a master s degree in ecopsychology in alignment with her commitment to bridge the perceived gap between humans and the natural world for the benefit of both.


Tour - Wildflower Wednesday at York Street


Sometimes we need a quiet stroll among the wildflowers—without hours of driving and hiking! Denver Botanic Gardens has hundreds of native wildflowers right here onsite to enjoy. The recent release of the Gardens’ book “Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains,” authored by the experts of our own Horticulture Department, has renewed interest in knowing and growing our best native plants. On the third Wednesday of every month (April – October) wander with one of these authors through our acres of naturalistic gardens to see which wildflowers are at their peak. Since many bloom at Denver’s elevation before they bloom in the mountains, seeing them here first can help you learn what to look for, where and when.


Price: $20, $16 member

Tour - Xeric Paradises


Everyone talks xeriscape, but this tour features those who live and breathe it! Visit three to four premier gardens that have pioneered many of the plants and concepts shaping Colorado water-smart gardening. Each of these gardens emphasizes native plants, but with a unique take on native gardens and how to incorporate them into the urban cityscape.


Jim and Dorothy Borland: This ample garden on a corner lot contains hundreds of native plants, almost all grown from seed by Jim, which weave a tapestry of color through the garden year. The hidden gardens in the equally large back yard receive more water and cover the gamut of perennials, herbs and vegetables. There s even a robust pawpaw! The Borland's have a botanic garden fit to a city lot.


Kelly Grummons: For three decades, Kelly has been a cutting-edge nursery owner and plantsman. His private garden showcases his extraordinary artistic eye and displays perfect specimens of the many gems he s introduced to the trade. Don t miss the 500-year-old Ponderosa Pine bonsai, which was willed to Kelly.


The Gardens at Kendrick Lake: These gardens revolutionized regional expectations of xeriscape demonstration gardens. Here you will not only find the best in xeric and Plant Select® specimens, but also hundreds of superb specimens that are approaching their second decade of mature growth. Staff from Denver Botanic Gardens and Lakewood Parks will be on hand during the tour to answer questions.


Price: $26, $22 member

Special Instructions: Tour participants drive themselves, ticket price is per carload of participants. Please purchase one ticket for your entire group traveling together.

Travel Details will be emailed out 48 hours prior to the event.


Tour and Talk - Mary and Larry Scripter's Wildlife-Friendly Niwot Garden


Tour one of the Front Range s most unique gardens, planted and tended by owners Mary and Larry Scripter and designed by Lauren Springer. This large, naturalistic, four-season garden features a flower-rich stylized meadow and a tree and shrub screening planted with bird-, pollinator- and other wildlife-friendly water-wise plants. The Scripter garden has been featured in Martha Stewart Living and Sunset magazines and photographed by nationally prominent photographers. It is also a designated Audubon Habitat Hero garden. Planting and management of this stunning garden, created by Mary and Lauren over seven years ago, will be discussed in Lauren's talk on site. All participants will leave with a plant list of their "star players".


Price $41, 38 member


Lauren Springer has designed plantings at Denver Botanic Gardens, Chatfield Farms, and the Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins where she is on staff. Her books include the award-winning titles The Undaunted Garden, and Plant-Driven Design (coauthored with husband Scott Ogden). Also a propagator, she has introduced numerous plants to the trade and to Plant Select. A pioneer in waterwise landscapes, in creating gardens that evoke natural spaces, and in merging beauty with wildlife function, she has received Audubon Society Habitat Hero designations for four of her design projects.


Event Details

Address will be sent via email one week prior to event

Carpooling strongly encouraged

No bathroom facilites available on site

Feel free to bring lawn chairs for seating during the talk



Tour to The International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe

Tour includes travel, accommodation, entrance fee to the International Crafts Museum and ticket to the Saturday Art Market.

For more information or to register, call Mervi (720-865-3653)

Fee: $510

Date(s): July 11-14



Trip - Natures' Adaptations: River to Desert with Denver Botanic Gardens

Experience the ecological beauty of one of the West's most beautiful classrooms. Join Denver Botanic Gardens and Centennial Canoe Outfitters, Inc., for a leisurely, guided and outfitted 31-mile canoe trip through the Escalante and Dominguez Canyons Wilderness Area on the Gunnison River. Paddle beside high walls of red sandstone and shale deposited during the age of the dinosaurs and take interesting side trips into deep box canyons that leave you awed by the immense geological time record and relaxed by the silence of the wilderness. Observe the massive cottonwood trees along the river bends that support huge nests of blue herons, hawks and eagles. As you canoe, camp and hike along the scenic Gunnison River, learn how human, plant and animal life have adapted to this unique river and desert environment and how local, native cultures used plants. Explore the river's vegetation, including some rare plant populations found only in this region and use these plants as inspiration in arts and crafts.


Price: $450, $420 member

Instructor: Centennial Canoe Outfitters Inc. will provide the guides, gear, and expertise. Our wetland ecologist facilitator will be TBD.

Trip Level: No previous canoeing experience is necessary to join the trip. Minumum age 18.

Special Instructions: Participants will meet at the Gunnison River Escalante Bridge on August 16th at 6:30 a.m. Participants will receive directions and additional information at least one week prior to the trip. Registration deadline is July 24.

Centennial Canoe Outfitters (CCO) will provide guides and all gear including food.

Personal camping equipment, personal clothes, and toiletries will need to be provided by the participant. Camping equipment, including a tent, sleeping bag, chair and pad can be rented from CCO. Please contact CCO at 720-283-0553 and mention that you are registered for the Denver Botanic Gardens Trip.



Trip - Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain Region - RMBL


The small town of Gothic is an historic site for many reasons. An old mining town, a point of access to incredible displays of the Southern Rockies wildflowers, and the world famous RMBL (Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratories). Join two of the authors of  Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain Region  as we get an insider's look at this beautiful location and have a couple of days to explore the surrounding areas on guided hikes. You will learn about the high elevation pollinators and their importance to the alpine ecosystems. On hikes you will get to experience a variety of the areas interesting hikes and use that Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain Region book you have been studying. High sagebrush steppe, Montane forest, Wildflower meadows, and right at hand is the quaint and quirky town of Crested Butte. We will be staying in the cabins on the RMBL site and living like and amongst the scientist whom hone their craft in this one of a kind living laboratory.


Price: $1050, $890 member, $500 deposit due by April 24 to reserve spot.

Guides: Mike Bone and Sonya Anderson

Additional Details:

All rooms are double or triple occupancy.
Room assignments will be made based on gender.
All meals are included in the dining hall.
Participants should bring a warm sleeping bag, RMBL does not provide blankets or sheets.
Participants are responsible for cleaning their cabin during their stay, there is no maid or cleaning service.
Check-in is at strictly 2 pm on the day of arrival.


See RMBL website for more details. www.rmbl.org


Trip - Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain Region - Southern Rockies


Experience the wonders of the southern Rockies with two Denver Botanic Gardens horticulturalists and authors of  Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain Region  (2018). This trip is based in Pagosa Springs, a popular destination with natural hot springs in the middle of town, a beautiful backdrop of the Rockies, a convergence of natural habitats and diverse flora. This trip includes three unique day trips that showcase a small portion of the diversity of the Pagosa area. Explore alpine, montane, steppe and riparian habitats; visit waterfalls and unique geological formations; and enjoy late season wildflowers. In the evenings, dine in local restaurants and breweries and relax in the hot springs.


Day 1: Travel Independently to Pagosa Springs

Group dinner and welcome at a restaurant in Pagosa Springs

Free time to visit the hot springs


Day 2: Scenic Drive and Hike

Scenic drive to trailhead

Wildflower hike: explore diverse plant communities and unique geology

Picnic lunch

Return to Pagosa Springs

Dinner: on your own

Talk given by a local expert on Pagosa Skyrocket


Day 3: Visit Historic Creede

Bachelor Historic Mining Loop - sightseeing and botanizing

Picnic in Creede’s city park or lunch at a local restaurant

Explore the town, shop, visit museums or take a short hike with views of area

Return to Pagosa Springs

Dinner: on your own

Free time to visit hot springs


Day 4: Return to Denver on your own



Price: $1,250, $1,100 member$500 deposite due by June 20 to reserve spot.

Guides: Mike Bone and Jen Toews

Additional Details:

Participants, plan to hike at least 4 miles in the elements.

Dinner on the first night and breakfast at the resort cafe on site is included. All other meals are on your own.

All participants will stay in a double occupancy room and will share a room at the Springs Resort and Spa. pagosahotsprings.com

24-hour access to the hot spring pools

Itinerary subject to change.



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