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Sunrise Tai Chi in the Gardens

The effect of daily T'ai Chi practice is an improvement in sensation and performance by teaching skill in the conscious control of one's own body.This in turn increases functional ability, enjoyment and the quality of life. The long term skillful practice of T'ai Chi requires a voluntary shift in awareness away from the limited, ego centered point of view of normal awareness to the heightened awareness of performance and enjoyment. This shift in awareness from the thinking mind to sensory awareness combines a finer degree of control of the body or kinesthetic awareness with more accurate perceptions. In turn this creates a fundamental shift in the subject's perception of the world and his or her ability to interact with it. Properly taught, the T'ai Chi Chuan fulfills all of the criteria for an enjoyable activity set forth in Mihaly Cziksentmihal's work on the psychology of optimal experience. This work puts forth a few simple criteria required for an activity to produce a flow state, a state of optimal enjoyment.


Join Joe Brady and Jacqui Shumway of The Tai Chi Project of Denver for a beautiful morning of Tai Chi in the Gardens. Come learn why The T'ai Chi Project has been successful in its mission of teaching T'ai Chi to so many. Participation allows you to learn the most ancient part of the preparation for T'ai Chi with a session of active learning. Experience for yourself why T'ai Chi is the world's most popular form of organized physical activity.


$8 members/ $10 non-members

Instructors: Joe Brady and Jacqui Shumway


Photo: Courtesy of John Rossi

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